Monday, November 23, 2009

I no longer know how to blog

I haven't been getting a good night sleep for days. and it felt like something wrong is happening inside my body. weird ones. i am getting fatter and fatter and lazy. i went gymming for like three hours yesterday and feel nothing. very impossible. i am so naive and i feel like a tough nut to crack or a tough row to hoe. Neither of it still will means that my feeling of being useless and empty requires a great amount of perseverence and will.

The lack of regular updating here and the lack of words to add in my posts can only suggests that I no longer know how to blog.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

better in time

whoever we have had disagreements with (esp. to GHEM) or a grievance maybe, forgive and move on... for your own health's sake too let us let bygones be bygones... we've forgiven you also, hon and i are so happy now, so much in love with each other...

Sunday, July 12, 2009

i wanna walk down the isle

i so am envious right now while watching video clips in youtube about the lovers walking down the isle saying for better or for worse, for richer or poorer till death do them part "i do" darn!
i really wanna walk down the isle too... maybe someday... sooner i hope lol... i so want to wear that beautiful gown i saw on the internet a while ago, i wanted to have a venue near a beach or in a resort or probably in baguio where my boyfriend and i had our first date away and first sleep together, i so want to walk while the "orchestra" or "band" were playing pachelbel's Canon in D or bond's lullaby, a rendition of Pachelbel's canon in D. i want to marry my love of my life, my one and only, the dearest man of my life, my boyfriend, Joey Alvin San Juan- Belza.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

June 9, 2009 4th Monthssary

Ergo, last Tuesday, June 9 was our 4th Monthssary. I was so shocked because it never appeared on my mind that he'll surprised me with roses, cause as my reader knows what happened on that last bunch o' roses he gave me. uhmmn 9 in the morning i was in front of my PC when he entered the office, i did not mind him at first because what i was minding was my blog, afraid that he'll read and see what I was typing here. lol. so fast forward, here he comes with these beautiful roses.
the funny thing is I know it's our monthssary but I just rant him an out of the blue question "WHAT'S WITH THESE BEAUTIFUL ROSES" then he answered so funny "IT'S OUR BIRTHDAY RIGHT?" haha... then i remember, Happy 4th monthssary Honhon, thank you and I Love You I said.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Our Story (06-8,9,10,11-09)

Okay so here's how it goes...

who Joey who?

... the tall, dark and most handsome boyfriend :). Joey Alvin San Juan- Belza

He is the most generous boyfriend, son and brother of two younger siblings. He 's got sweet tooth like me. (yey!) He's the most funny and ever smiley man I've ever met, he loves a good laugh and does not hesitate to crack a joke or two even if you beg him to stop doing so. He's front mean "
maskulado" act made people speculate that he's "barumbado" BUT HE'S NOT. though he was a good liar... (heheheh) but when giving his loving attention he somehow holds back at times but when we're like the only people together it's like "this is it... there'll be no tomorrow, seize the moment" type. I feel blessed and happy that I met him cause he's the type of guy you just couldn't find in the streets.

Why Yen-Yen, why!? (why not? what's not to love?)

...the not so beautiful but damn drop-dead gorgeous girlfriend :) Joy "joyenz" Nebreja- Lazaro

I am a school- heiress (heheh) currently stock holder and incorporator at Bethany Christian Academy.
I hate washing the dishes but Love cooking. I Graduated as cum Laude in Hotel and Restaurant Management (mind you) yet my boyfriend never really appreciate my cooking's (mean!nyeheheh). I love traveling, the more I slack the more I appreciate the world (lol... lazy huh? i know! haha!). I can still say that I am the most loving, caring, sweetest, the most wonderful girlfriend Alvin can ever have. No one can love him the way i do (o^____________^0) (proven!. Ergo, dang it,I AM MADLY, DEEPLY, CRAZILY In Love with him.

When Alvin met Yen-yen

It wasn't love at first sight... though I really like his eyes.

January 12, 2009 was the day to remember. That was the day we first met on the gym but at that day I'm not interested on looking at other people in the gym, yet he said he saw me and thought I am pretty. And just like what I've told you on my past blogs thousand times before, we started our relationship really shaky, not just shaky but also rough because Alvin use to be in a relationship still that time, yet, without I knowing it, still let him court me and that was the start of our love story (aww!). Ergo, don't ask me anymore what happened but if you wanna know you can go browse my older posts for the whole story.

okay fast forward. so it was the gym (
sweat shop) that became the haven of our amity (^___^) where we spend the first three months of the most shuddering bond. these first three months test my ardor for him. two weeks after, January 26, he start courting me through text (how modern huh? i know) it was my best friend norlyn who gave my number to him. so we exchange SMS until dawn and he expressed his desire to court me and another two weeks had past, 9th of February, 9 P.M. in my house he said if he may kiss me, i was shocked and quivering in a good way cause i liked to be kissed too and voila! right then and there a really sweet smack I can still remember ensued. After he went home he send me a text and I never thought that that was it! we're boyfriend- girlfriend already! haha frightened and scared that my mother could sense it I still denied it to myself on the first three days but funny how all those things go and we can't handle our emotion already cause we're falling too down deep to each other, people on the gym realizes our relationship, and they saw how much I Love my Honhon. Honey costs me into so much trouble but infairness to my hubby you can see his transformation from bad-boy into baby boy! lols, i mean into a very dependable, matured, futuristic, lovable man right now. *smirk*.

Today June 9, 09 is our Fourth Blessed Monthsary!

Saturday, June 6, 2009



. .I'm OpEn, yOu'rE cLoseD
whEr yOu gO, i'LL foLLOw
I wOrRy I wOn't sEE yoUr fAcE
LiGhT uP AgAin. ..
EveN tHe bEsT faLL dOwn sOmeTimeS
EvEn tHe wrOnG wOrd sEEmS tO rhYmE
Out oF thE doUbt thaT fiLLs mY minD
I somehow find
you aNd I coLLide . ..


.. .tHE wOrsTh thinG iS bEinG LonELy. .
. .iT iS wEn tHAt sOMe1 mAkes yOU feEL sPeciaL tHen suDdeNLy LeavEs yOU HanGinG,
. .aND yoU jUzt hAve to aCt tHAt yOU dOnt minD aND pRetEnD tHAt nOthinG is wOrtH reMemBeriNg


neVer allow's somebody 2 be ur priority when in fact ur juzt an option

Friday, June 5, 2009


Bakit ganun? di ba sabi "love keeps NO record of wrong doings" pero dahil sa sobrang takot sa mga pinagdaanan ko kay honey parang pilit na bumabalik baalik sakin yung mga yun taz pag naiisip ko nawawalan ako ng tiwala at puro takot pumapalit? nahihirapan ako eh? or pinapahirapan ko sarili ko should i say? SOBRA KO SYANG MAHAL NA MAHAL! to the extent na kaya at handa ko ibigay lahat ng wala ng pagdadalawang isip alam mo yun? wala at never akong nagsisi sa mga bagay bagay kasi mahal ko sya eh... and if i have to i am willing to do it over and over again. kaya lang... when my fear comes... nawawala lahat sakin, can you blame me? kahapon 6-5-09 22nd birthday nya and he celebrated it with our friends dito sa bahay, all is well until i heard a story... i don't know! i know! i kind of like a retard i guess! this is wrong diba? but come on! prove me wrong! prove that i need not to feel any reverence anymore cause i guess VIN'S PURE LOVE IS ENOUGH to stop these things that are shaking me! i dunno know what will happened... GOD here I go again... darn! HONEY i just pray to GOD that... that... that okay HIS WILL BE DONE. Lord help... please po... mahal na mahal ko si alvin talaga!